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In 2015, R.G.Richardson started eComTechnology Publisher and now have authored, edited and published over 230 R.G.Richardson City Guides and Brochures. In 2015, starting on Amazon I launched my first books with 1500 quick links or preset searches. The summer of 2018 with Google Books being by invitation only I finally received an invitation and now have over 100 books listed on both Google Books and Google Play. Walmart followed shortly thereafter and again I have uploaded over 100 books on their platform. My books are also available on Kobo, Chapters and Indigo and available in 190 countries worldwide. Sales have doubled this year and have constantly been on top 10 best sellers lists and are selling in 190 countries with my best sales day of 502 books sold in one day. 
Buy direct from me here at R.G.Richardson City Guide or Google Play, Amazon, Indigo, Walmart, and Kobo.  Thank you all for purchasing my books!
New for 2019, a new series of Economic Interactive Notes, Financial Market, Money and Banking terms and definitions with over 800 quick links! Great for students on anybody that wants to keep up with all the terminology. This is an interactive series that helps guide you and keeps you up to date on all the economic terminology past and present including access to charts, graphs and video presentations on the subject. An educational learning tool that keeps everybody on the same page! 
I was formerly with the Hilton Hotels, Toronto Dominion Bank, SunLife Insurance and as International Management Consultant/Project Director with major Consulting firms in the United States and Canada having contracts with Ford, Quebecor and Ryder Truck. I have also a B.A. Economics from Bishop’s University and have held four professional licenses in the fields of Mutual Funds, Insurance and Real Estate.
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