Lennoxville High School through the years.When the Municipality of Lennoxville was incorporated in 1871 it took charge of two small schools formerly administered by Ascot Township.  Much of Lennoxville was destroyed by a great fire in 1874.  During the next year the present Town Hall was erected and in 1897 and 1898 school classes were moved into this building until five rooms, all but the present office of the Secretary Treasurer, were used for school purposes.

In 1912 a fine seven room brick structure was erected on the present property and all classes were transferred into it.  In 1931 the addition of the north wing with its small gymnasium and four large classrooms provided separate accommodation for each of the eleven grades.

There was little fluctuation in the school population during the thirties.  In 1942 there were only 211 pupils, but every succeeding year has seen an increase in enrollment.  In 1948, with pupils in the Lennoxville School totaling 311, the Municipality of Ascot was annexed to Lennoxville for school purposes, increasing the annual school population by approximately 115.  These pupils were accommodated in the four room Ascot Consolidated School and in the one room Albert Mines School.

Plans for the present extension were initiated in 1945 when an architect was authorized to make drawings for a new wing.  When the sod was finally turned on June 28th, 1951, the 361 pupils at Lennoxville alone could not be accommodated properly, even at the cost of using playroom space for classes.  One class had been removed to the basement of the United Church.

The reconstructed and extended school, the full occupancy of which has taken place by degrees since September 1952, provides eighteen regular classrooms (three Grade I classes, two classes each of Grades II to VI and a single class in each of Grades VII to XI) for 590 pupils.  The entry of 88 Grade I pupils in September 1952 raises the question of the adequacy of the new accommodations for the needs of the not too distant future.  Arrangements for Manual Training and for Commercial Subjects have yet to be made but the facilities for instruction in Household Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics have improved greatly.  The Gymnasium-Auditorium, both beautiful and highly functional, has already demonstrated its value, not only for the direct needs of the school but to the community as a whole.  The Cafeteria is in operation, serving approximately 200 noon meals daily.

The citizens of Lennoxville and the surrounding rural district may well be proud of their present educational facilities and of the well-qualified teaching staff.

(From the “Official Opening and Dedication of the extension to the Lennoxville High School, Saturday, March 7th, 1953” leaflet, with thanks to Art Halsall ’68)

In 1879, Lennoxville Academy was housed in 3 classrooms in the town hall building on Queen Street. By 1912, the school was moved to a new building on the present campus on Academy Street. There it became Lennoxville High School. At this time teachers earned $30.00 per month and administrators earned $60.00 which was considered a good salary.

Between 1912 and 1967, the school grew. In 1931 a gymnasium and 4 classrooms were added to the original structure. In 1952 a new north wing was opened with a cafeteria, a larger gymnasium/auditorium, several classrooms, a science lab and a projection room. By 1967 the population was over 900 students with a teaching staff of 47. Sports and music played an important role in school life, as it still does today.

In the fall of 1969, Lennoxville High School became Lennoxville Elementary School. Alexander Galt Regional High School opened and the high school students continued their education there.

The original structure has since been removed leaving the north wing to house the elementary students. The student enrollment fluctuates from year to year. The present population is 286, although it has the capacity for approximately 450 – 500 students. The bus students are bussed from Fleurimont, Ascot Corner, Compton, Waterville, Rock Forest and Lennoxville.

Lennoxville Elementary School now has a teaching staff of 21 and a support staff of 18. The cafeteria is still in operation providing hot lunches for students. There is also a Day Care open to children before and after school as well as a private pre-school. It remains a vibrant learning community committed to student success.

(From the Lennoxville Elementary School Web Page)

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