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Interactive search ebooks are interactive ebooks with multi-search engine capability built right in. No typing needed. You just pick it and click it.  The search engine algorithms are curating the search. The web pages on the top of each search are the ones who rank the best. You can see who is at the top. It tends to be the most authoritative experts and media.  It changes every day. It can literally change from minute to minute. It’s always current.  And fully mobile – it works on any device with an ebook reader and access to the Internet anywhere.

  • Business Marketing (by industry)
  • Travel & Recreation (by topic or location)
  • Health & Wellness (by disease or issue)
  • Technology (by app, program, or device)
  • Special Topics (upon request)

Interactive Search can also be used to create course specific electronic handouts (ebooks, pdf files, and emails) — educational tools for educators, coaches, teachers and working professionals to share so their students, seminar, or workshop participants receive expert guidance using search engines to find the best and most relevant content.

Interactive Search Book Marketing and Business Marketing Ebooks

Search results are always up-to-date and current! You will learn the best and most current:

  • Marketing tips, tricks, tactics, secrets, plans, examples and samples;
  • Marketing strategies, techniques, infographics, tools, cheat sheets, video trailers;
  • Advice on creating business plans and building marketing platforms;
  • Getting reviews, finding reviewers, getting publicity,
  • Best content to share, best words to use, best times to post, how to improve engagement;
  • How to use calls to action and landing pages;
  • Bestselling books and authors on each type of social media technology.

And how to best ways to search, target and communicate with your people on each type of social media technology. Interactive Search Book Health Series ebooks

The search engine results bring you the most current information and guidance. This guidance is literally at your fingertips and includes:.

  • Symptoms, signs of disease and prevention
  • Exams, diagnosis, screening and tests
  • Stages of disease, types of diseases, and risk factors
  • Research, treatment options, and alternatives
  • Procedures, surgery and post op recovery
  • Prognosis, management, recovery and rehabilitation
  • Support organizations, nationwide, online and in your local area

You are in control. You get to go at your own pace. Each search brings you results on a different action or deliverable. The search words were selected to:

  1.  Help you maintain a focus on the best available information; and
  2.  Helping you make the best informed decisions possible at each stage.

Interactive Search Book Technology Series

The Search Word App series is a brand new series of interactive ebooks with an innovative twist. Search Word Pro Best Apps helps you find the best mobile apps in an ebook that has multi-search engine capability designed right in. The series includes:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Androids
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

The results are always current and can change each minute of every day. It delivers the best collective intelligence continuously – the best-ranked information and the best applications from the best sources – quickly.

And it’s fully mobile – capable of being operated on any computer or device with an ebook reader and a connection to the Internet.