worker, Harold Albert Peabody has taken an important
part in the affairs of the Province of Quebec.
He is now (1931) manager of the
Eastern Townships branch of the Canada
Assurance Company, and maintains his residence in
the City of Sherbrooke.
Member of old and honoured family,
the best known in New England, he descended
from John Peabody, a native of England, who came
to New England about 1635, probably with
William, as their names are together mentioned in
the 1ist of original proprietors of Plymouth. Massachusetts.
He owned ten acres of land at Bluefish, in
the Plymouth Colony; in 1637: and on November 2,
1640, received thirty acres at North River. His name
was on the of freemen, March 7, 1636-37 and
was admitted and sworn with the others on the list
January 2, 1637-38. He was one of the origin:
proprietors of Bidgewater in 1645, with his son
William. He lived at Duxbury, and his will is dated
July 16. 1649, at “Duxbrock”, and proved at Boston
April 27. 1667, but recorded at Plymouth. He died
at Bridgewater in 1667, aged seventy seven years.
He married, in England. Isabel, who survived him.
His children were: Thomas, Francis of
mention). William and Annis, the last-named of
whom married John Rouse, or Rowe and died
December 16, 1684.
Of these, Francis Peabody, born at St Albans,
Hertfordshire, England, in 1614, came to
New England in the Ipswich “Planter” in the spring of 1635,
Settled at Ipswich, Massachusetts, in Essex County.
And died there February 19, 1697-98: he was Lieutenant
of militia. He was twice married: first to, Lydia
(Second) . about 1649, to Mary Foster, daughter
of Reginald Foster. He had fourteen
children: 1, Lydia. born August 30, 1640. 2. John.born
1642. died September 29, 1644. 3. Joseph,
Born in 1644, died about 1675. 4. William, born in 1646
5. Isaac, born in 1648. By the second marriage:
6. Sarah, born in 1650; married March 2. 1678.
Abraham How. 7. Hepsibah, born in 1652; married, April 10,
1678, Daniel Rea. 8. Mary, born 1656;
John Death. 9. Ruth, born May 22. 1558.
10. Damaris, born June 21, 1660. died December 19, 1660.
11. Samuel, born June 4, 1662, died September 13, 1667
12. Jacob, born July 28, 1664. 13. Hannah,
born May 8, 1668; married Daniel Andrews. 14. Nathaniel,
born July 20. 1669, died In 1715; married Frances M. Shackford, widow.
William Peabody, son of Lieutenant Francis Peabody
was born at Ipswich, Massachusetts, in 1646,
and was a soldier in Captain Joseph Gardiner’s company from
Salem; he fought in King Philip’s War of 1678
and died March 6, 1699.1700. He married (first)
in 1668, Mary Brown, daughter of Richard
Brown; and Elizabeth (Greenleaf) Brown;(second)
August 14, 1684, Hannah Hale. His second wife
born November 19, 1663, daughter of Thomas and
Mary (Hutchinson) Hale. The children by the second
marriage were: I. Stephen, of further mention.
2. Mary, born April 14, 1687. 3. Ephraim, born
23. 1689. 4. Richard, born February 17, 1691.
5. Hannah, born in August 1693, died June I. 1763.
6. John, August I, 1695, married Jonathan Foster.
7. Oliver, born May 7, 1698. 8. Abigail, born
In 1700, died May 23. 1791; married, on July 19, 1724,
John Kimball.
First of these, Stephen Peabody, was born August 5, 1685, at Boxford, Massachusetts, and died June 7,
1759; he married Hannah Swan, who died April 17
1764. Their children were: I. Hannah, born
February l, 1709; married, October 25, 1733,
John Smith. 2. Richard, born May 29, 1711, died
October 11, 1711, 3. Mary, born December 29, 1713,
Died June 12, 1714. 4. William, born June 29, 1715.
5. Hepsibah, born February 14, 1718, died September
11, 1728. 6. Priscilla, born November 22, 1719;
Married Ephraim Dorman. 7. Francis, born February 12, 1721.
8. Stephen, born October I. 1724, died before
1750. 9. Richard, born April 13, 1731, of further
Captain Richard Peabody lived until June 7. 1820,
A soldier in the War of the American Revolution
In which he commanded a company at Ticonderogaga
and Lake St. George; he also sent his sons to war
as soon as they were old enough to fight. He
married Jemima SDafford, daughter of Jonathan and
Jemima (Freith) Spafford, of Rowley, Massachusettes
and they had twelve children: I. Hannah,
– 18, 1758, died December 17, 1832. 2. Hepsibah,
born April l3, 1759, died July 12, 1785. 3. Stephen
born August 27, 1760. 4. John, born July 24, 1762
5. Richard, born April 16, 1764. 6. Oliver, born March
6, 1766. 7. William, born January 10. 1768. 8.
Priscilla, born February I, 1770: married (first)
Thomas Townsend. and (second), James Robinson
of Exeter. 9. Francis, of whom further mention,
10. Samuel, born September 15. 1772, died in infancy.
11. Samuel, 2nd, born July 30, 1775. 12. Joseph, born
July 30, 1779.
Of these Francis Peabody, born at Boxford, Massachusetts, On June 7. 1771. was the pioneer of the
name in the Province or Quebec. He settled at
Potton. where he died in 1859 or 1860: and he
married, on May 28. 1801. Fanny Stickney, born
December 27. 1774. died July 1. They had
twelve children; 1. Fanny, born June 5, 1802, died
December 17, 1887; she married William Manson,
who died November l, 1866. 2. Betsey, born August
16, 1804. died January 22, 1806. 3. Francis Stickney,
born August 19, 1806. 4. Betsey, born December 2,
1808, died April S, 1820. 5. Rachel Stickney, born
June 6, 1811, died April 24, David
Nelson Brill, who was killed in the Civil War. 6,
Nathan Stickney, born February 27, 1813. died
infancy. 7. Nathan Stickney born September
22, 1814, died September 19. 1819. 8. Sophronia
Stickney, born August 26, 1818, died November 25,
1893; married Jesse Bailey, who died November 18,
1889. 9. William, born December 25. 1820: married
Esther Hildreth, who died August 25, 1872. 10.
Oliver, born April 11, 1823; married Emily Buswell.
11. Albert Stickney, of whom further mention. 12. John Ide.
born November 6. 1828, died April 5, 1853, in
Columbia. California.
or these, the grandfather of the man whose name heads
this review Was Albert Stickney Peabody, born
at Potton, Quebec, May 2, 1825. He grew up on
farm, and was for several years engaged as a general
merchant in Mansnnville. He was successful business, but later turned his attention to farming, in
which he continued active for the rest of his life.
He died at Mansonville, Quebec, on January 3, 1911,
aged eighty-six years, and was buried in Mansonville Cemetery, where a beautiful monument marks
his last resting-place. He married, on September 20,
1849, Mary Neil Hamilton. born January 3. 1824. at
Nashua, New Hampshire, died at Potton March 9,
1857. Their children were: I. Mary Neil, born
October 9, 1850; married, November 12, 1879,
Thomas Harris. 2. Charles Hamilton, born January
4, 1854, died July 1, 1908; married Jennie Hall.
3. Alma Etta, born October 24, 1855. died October
22, 1900, at Martinsville, Indiana. James Albert.
born March 31, 1857; married, July 13. 1889, Frances
Rebecca Wheeler. Albert Stickney Peabody married
(second), on October 9. 1859, Maria Jane Boright,
born October 26, 1824, died at Mansonville, Quebec.
in March. 1919. aged twenty-ave years. and buried
in the family plot in Mansonville Cemetery. The
children by this second marriage were: I. An infant
died August 17, 1860. 2. Harriet, born
December 1862. died Murch 12, 1863. 3. Sherman
Boright. of whom further.
Of these, the line of descent with which were
directly concerned passed Sherman Boright
Peabody. born in Mansnnville, July 28, 1865. educated
there, who became a travelling salesman, and so
continued for many years, living in Mansonville. He
died December 2, 1910, aged forty-five years, and
was buried in the family plot. He was twice married;
(first). to Cora E. Geer, who died May 17.
1900, and was buried in the same cemetery; and
(second) in 1904, to Clara Brown, who died 1906
at Mansonville and was buried there. There was no
issue of the second marriage. The children of the
first were: I. A son who died In infancy. 2. Harry
Sherman, born June I, 1888, who is at the time of
this writing a medical doctor at Newport. Vermont,
United States of America. 3. Harold Albert, of whom
further. 4. Mary Maria Molly, born May 5, 1891;
married D. W. Crowell, and lives at St. John, Quebec.
5. Earle Boright, also of further mention. 6. Alice
Maude. born September 13, 1895, married D, R.
MacKay, D.D.S. and lives at Rock Island. Quebec.
Of these, Harold Albert Peabody of whom this is
primarily a record, now manager for Sherbrooke
and the Eastern Townships of the Canada Life
Assurance Company. was born October 3, 1889. He
early attended Mansonville Academy, and Bugbee
Business College, at Stanstead, Quebec and later
was a student at Mount Royal Business College,
Montreal. Upon finishing his commercial course, he
became a salesman, and so continued from 1910 until
January I. 1921, when he became connected with
the Canada Lite Assurance Company, In Montreal.
There he learned the details of insurance Work,
remaining in Montreal until April I, 1926, when he
was appointed to his present post as manager of the
Sherbrooke and Eastern Township branch of his
Company, with offices in Sherbrooke. In this
Position he succeeded J. G. Watson; and since that time he
has given the whole of his attention and time to the
insurance work in which he is engaged, directing
the affairs or his company in this district from his
headquarters Wellington and King streets.
Through his genial and pleasant manner,
combined with his native ability and integrity, Mr.
Peabody has built up a successful business for his
company here; and, making his home in this city,
he has come to take a lively interest in his adopted
community and its institutions. He is a life member
of Sherbrcoke Hospital in which he is a governor,
as well as a member of several local social organizations, including the Sherbrooke Country Club and
the St. George’s Club, both or Sherbrooke. He also
belongs to the Young Men’s Christian Association, of
this city. and the Kanawaki Golf Club, of Montreal.
He is a member Of the Quarter Million Dollar Club.
of this district, as well as of the One Hundred
Thousand Dollar Club, both of which are groups of the
accomplished insurance men. Independent in his political
views and point of religion is affiliated with the United Church
of Canada. He has always
proved himself a thoroughly public-spirited citizen, a
man of Sterling character and worthy qualities, and
has taken part most helpfully in the affairs of his
Province and his fellow men.
Harold Albert Peabody married, October 4, 1919.
Helen Elizabeth Wray. of Boston. Massachusetts. and
they have two children. The children are: I. Harold
Sherman, born November 28, 1920. 2. Lillian
Beatrice. born October 8. 1922.
Another member of the Peabody family who has
made a place for himself in Canadian life through
his affiliation with the Canada Life Assurance Company
is Earle Boright Peabody younger brother Of
Harold Albert Peabody. He was born at Mansonville
Quebec, September 25. 1893. and received his
early education at Academy and Bugbee
Business College, Stanstead, Quebec. He was then
appointed immigration official by the Federal Government, and was stationed at High Water, Quebec.
For thirteen years he successfully that position; but at the end or that period he resigned to
accept a post with the Canada Lite Assurance Company, with which he acted as representative under brother. He first came with this organization in
June, 1926, and still continues with it, working at
Sherbrooke, where he makes his home. He is a
member of St. John’s Lodge of the Free and Accepted Masons
and in the Masonic order holds the Thirty second
degree of Ancient Accepted Scottish
Rite. He. like his brother and the other members
of the Peabody house in this and generations has participated most usefully in public affairs with
the result that he, too, is recognised as a leader
Sherbrooke life.
Earle Boright married Annis Emily
Shepard, daughter Edgbert Shepard.
The children by this union have been: Kenneth
Albert who died in infancy; Barbara Helen; and Gordon Shepard.

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