Dr. Rob Duncan for mayor of Victoria Oct. 2018.

Victoria is in the midst of a HOUSING CRISIS, with real estate prices soaring to prohibitive levels, a rental vacancy rate next to zero, and increasing numbers of people living in shelters, tents and vehicles with no hope of finding housing. This multifaceted housing emergency is the primary focus of Rob Duncan’s campaign for Mayor of Victoria, and Rob proposes an array of different strategies and solutions for energetically addressing the different aspects of the crisis. Rob is proposing policies and solutions on a number of other issues of concern in the City of Victoria as well, including regular CITIZEN’S ASSEMBLIES (with an annual PARTICIPATORY BUDGETING component) to improve the functioning of the democratic process in Victoria, a municipal LIVING WAGE program, FARE-FREE BUSES and designated BUS LANES during rush hour, actively promoting the development of a WALKABLE COMMUNITY, a MORATORIUM on further construction of SEPARATED BIKE LANES until usage increases, actively advocating and supporting the establishment of WORKER-OWNED CO-OPS in Victoria, and a municipal AFFORDABLE CHILDCARE program, beginning with a program for low-income working families and expanding from there as funding becomes available.