Interactive city search maps, tools and guides

Interactive City Search Maps, Tools & Guides

Chances are, even if you’re a lifelong resident of a particular city, you don’t know every nook and cranny, every food truck location, or the lore of every interesting local building. Apps for smartphones, tablets and other gadgets are making big urban centers feel smaller than ever, making it easy to catch a ride, find cheap eats, check out street art and make new friends.

Find out where your next meal is located with City Guide, an interactive city search that shows real-time restaurant location. The guide not only displays the restaurants on a map, with their hours at that location, but also allows you to sort results by meal, and browse menus. Search restaurants; United States, Europe, Asia, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, with over 110 cities around the world.

Want access to maps while traveling abroad, City Guides and Brochures maps for the cities of your choice for use, including millions of POI (restaurants, bars, hotels etc.), over 1500 preset entries for sites and attractions, and travel guides. It’s available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with Kindle and Kobo.

Among the most popular apps to show you who’s nearby and looking to meet new people, with Facebook search gives both social butterflies and the shy an easy way to connect. You’ll probably find more people looking to date than to make new friends, and it might be easier to just walk up to someone and introduce yourself than spend your time scrolling through photos, but hey – whatever works.

This ebook lets users pinpoint, share and discover restaurants, hotels, bed breakfast, transportation and with over 1500 preset searches in their own communities as it happens and is never out of date. City Search Brochures and Guides available for cities worldwide. Buy now.

Author R.G. Richardson books and ebooks are available on Amazon, Kobo and Chapters/Indigo.