The Day the Balderson Telephone Co Disappeared


17098499_1423830940995389_8582774737802741617_n.jpgPhoto-From Perth Remembered–Balderson Telephone Company. Note the phone booth out front of the house in the picture. The company was bought by Bell Canada in 1977.

One short six long was the  ring had always been part of the Balderson Telephone Company that was sold to Bell in the 70s as the aging equipment could not longer cope with the volume of calls. It was over quickly with  a 92-29 vote from the shareholders of the telephone company when the last of the independent manual switchboard operation decided to join the Bell Telephone Canada system in July of 1975.

Established in 1912 there would no longer be a lone telephone operator to distinguish the callers. Bell telephone wouldn’t give a hoot about the difference between Body Shop Dave and Lumber Dealer Ray. Of course not everyone in the area was happy, and some thought that the telephone company should have…

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