To Be Manic Depressive in a Rural Town — Kingston Insane Asylum

This is how it all started!



Warning- this essay is disturbing in nature.

This piece has taken me hours to write as I had to step away from it many times. My Mother was put in an asylum after I was born in 1951 for years with what we would now diagnose as postpartum depression. The Royal Victoria Hospital did not know what to do with her after she lost all her memory immediately after giving birth to me. I am not going to go into details, but she was given shock treatment etc. trying to bring her back to the present life. It took over 4 years.She was lucky.

Yesterday, I saw a notation in the Chatterton House Hotel registrar that made my stomach do a flip. It was signed January 1886–which I think should have been 1887 after seeing the next entry. (Not only I have issues writing years in January)

The name read:

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