How to plan a first date with a ski bum

How to plan a first date with a ski bum

If you’ve ever lived in a ski town, you must be familiar with the idiosyncrasies of dating a ski bum.

If you’re about to move to a ski town, beware. The disheveled living quarters, the rust-bucket vehicle (if any vehicle at all) and choosing to blow money on ski gear and beer over groceries are all telltale signs that your squeeze might be prioritizing powder days over career goals and relationships.

How does one go about finding romance in a town where the main motivation for getting up in the morning is to check the latest snow report? Here are three suggestions for getting the most out of your fat skis and skinny pockets on a ski bum’s first date.

The on-hill ski date

image: bums first date
This fake couple is probably not skiing, let alone actual ski bums. Photo: Courtesy of

So, you’ve been texting back and forth for a couple days. You’re too broke to eat anywhere fancier than the local $5-menu restaurant, but you’re both into skiing and/or snowboarding, so why not jump off the deep end and meet up on the hill?The ski date does come with a few risks, such as (but not limited to):
• Differing levels of ability creating awkward wait times for the more advanced rider and a potentially embarrassing display by the less advanced rider
• Running into friends who want to tag along, turning your ski date into a far less romantic group ride
• If your date coincides with either bad snow or crap weather (or both), it could easily end things prematurely

The ski/snowboard film premiere

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This could be you! Photo: Courtesy of

Perfect for the fall months when weather is turning cold and single people are looking to warm their beds for the winter.It is also more unique than going to see a generic Hollywood blockbuster at the cinema.

Meet beforehand for dinner or afterward for post-movie drinks to discuss the raddest segments of the film, how your friend is somehow connected to the production company and how you are one day traveling north to shred Alaskan spines.

The dog walk

image: bums first date dogs
You like dogs? Good. Photo: Vince Shuley

Who doesn’t love dogs? In Whistler, British Columbia, many businesses welcome dog owners and their furry companions inside.You may not have the financial responsibility to actually own your own dog, but ski towns always have a plethora of dogs that need walking.

Call your dog-owner friends, or you can even resort to offering free dog walks on Facebook.

Look for an attractive, well-behaved breed that has been trained well. And it’s probably best if you keep the pooch on leash: You don’t want to spend your whole first date searching for Buddy, the aloof Labrador.

Congratulations, you made it through the first date. Now comes the hard part: maintaining your relationship in a ski town. Best of luck on the first powder day together.

— Vince Shuley

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