Dallas Grant (Jimmy) Winslow

Dallas Grant (Jimmy) Winslow.jimmywinslow

One of my best friends ever, died on July 28, 2016, in Ottawa. He was a fine son of Curt and Ethel Winslow and a dear brother of Gary, all who had passed before him from Lennoxville.

Outside of having a heart attack from complications lasting a year that is about all I know. I have been looking for an obituary for a month now and nothing has come up yet, so those of you not on the grapevine would maybe not know this. I have to share this with you, he was a dear friend.

He worked his entire life with the railway in Sherbrooke and Ottawa and then retired a couple of years ago in Ottawa.

From his MGA, Cougar and his Nova we put on a lot of miles together, literally including a 12,000 mile trip out to Wenatchee Washington to see Gary and then down to San Diego and back.  I was his best man at his wedding which sort of says it all right there, a brother of the best kind! We skied and then, of course, we partied often heading out to see his brother’s latest band.

I find it extremely difficult to really pay tribute to someone you have known and close to for 50 years and find the appropriate words when most of them are rolling down my cheeks; I am not good at it! I would have no problem of telling you all story after story at a more appropriate time. I will be having a reception for him hopefully next year when I bring Mother to be buried with her family in Sutton.

Most of you reading this know that he was a very kind and gentle man and just one of those you can’t say a bad word about, really! A very special guy that you can’t help but love; just ask the girls.

So to all of you that had the pleasure of knowing Jimmy please add your stories, have a beer and join me in a cheer to wonderful guy that will remain in our hearts forever…….Cheers Jimmy!

Looks like the lawyer handling his estate has disappeared and I have taken this upon myself to clear up his estate so he can be buried. He is the last of his family so nobody else left to do this. Your help is appreciated!

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