Medium and high-risk payment processing

Medium and high-risk payment processing

eComTechnology offers Low Risk, Medium Risk and High Risk acquiring solutions for merchants worldwide. The pricing for a merchant depends on the acquiring bank or solution provided for them. This is determined by the merchant’s location, business activity and risk assessment. We can take Gaming, Adult/Dating, Nutra/Health, Debt, Travel to name a few.
eComTechnology has interchange++ pricing with the majority of its international acquirers and can provide competitive rates and terms to all good quality merchants. For higher risk merchants, suitable solutions can easily be provided at appropriate rates per industry.
eComTechnology also specializes in alternative payment options, and offers over twenty-one bank, wallet and voucher payment options to merchants worldwide.
We have credit card, eCheck and Debit card processing for just about any business anywhere.
Do you have more than one processor? Do you Run multiple processors through one gateway? Start processing everything through your own Virtual Terminal; run credit cards and ACH through one gateway!
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Apply for Credit Card Processing today. Accepting Credit Cards, eChecks and Debit cards is now for anyone. on any device, anywhere.
eComTechnology has exclusive relationships with banks in Eastern Europe and Mauritius within the CEMEA acquiring region. Merchants can be offered direct MIDs along with master facilities in this region. Pricing is always dependent on the merchant’s business model, risk, volumes, and the specific acquirer we use. Multiple currencies available including EURO, GBP, USD and many more • Direct MIDs, dynamic descriptors for each merchant • Easy-to-incorporate location (assistance provided) • Relaxed compliance requirements compared to EU region • Accepts licensed and non-licensed business models • Daily and weekly payout options. eComTechnology can process for merchants incorporated across most regions internationally. Our direct acquirers are located in the following regions: Europe, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Georgia, Latvia, Montenegro, North America, United States of America, Canada, Asia Pacific, Australia, China, New Zealand, South Korea, Africa, Mauritius, South America, Brazil, Mexico.

Virtual Terminals

The Virtual Terminal Gateway allows merchants to process transactions anywhere in the world from web-enabled devices. The Virtual Terminal supports over 150 processors including ACH, credit cards and debit cards. Run Multiprocessors through one gateway!