France to force big supermarkets to give unsold food to charities

France to force big supermarkets to give unsold food to charities

In our lifetime, and throughout our careers and exposure to business and politics, we are lucky if we could witness the creation of one policy or law that makes sense, is practical and truly could alleviate the human pain and suffering in society.

According to recently published report by the Guardian, the Government of France has come up with a law, that I could at least say that I have witnessed one of such pragmatic policies/laws in my life time. This is the law by which the Government of France is able to force the big supermarkets to give unsold food to those who cannot afford buying food.

The Guardian report:

This is an easy and great solution to help the needy and solve the problem of hunger and malnutrition in the Western world.

At the moment, that we don’t have such a law/policy in Canada, many Canadians who cannot afford food, wait by until the grocery stores throw out their food and meat at nights then go and take it. There are even crowds of people in Canada and U.S. who do this, any of whom are highly educated but have no full-time jobs to be able to afford fresh food and fresh meat.

Since 70% of Canada’s food is imported from the U.S., and the value of the U.S. dollar have dropped by approximately 30%, in the past few months the price of food in Canada has almost tripled. For this reason, many families can no longer afford buying food.

The average household salary in Canada has stayed the same since many years, and there are many who have difficulty finding gainful employment, but the cost of living and accommodation have increased by leaps and bounds in Canada. Therefore, if we had the same policy/law as France has in Canada, then no Canadian would go to bed hungry or suffer from malnutrition.

Unfortunately, a great majority of those, who become policy makers and lawmakers in Canada, are from that of privileged families who have never experienced what true hunger and poverty mean.

Such policy/lawmakers, who form the majority of the members of our Canadian parliament, provincial legislative assemblies and city councils, have hardly ever had the problem with not being able to afford food or being unemployed.

The Canadians, who are from that of such privileged backgrounds, have the contacts and networks that enables and empowers them to always find some sort of full-time gainful employment.

It is necessary to understand, that the Liberal and socialist academics, who are highly educated and become politicians, high ranking civil servants and lawmakers in Canada, meaning 95% of them, are also come from such privileged backgrounds.

Many of such policy/lawmakers, who are from that of privileged backgrounds, have good intention and really want to help the people, and alleviate the pain and suffering in order to improve the human condition in Canadian society. There is no doubt about our policy/lawmakers, high ranking civil servants and academics good intentions.

However, majority of such policy/lawmakers, who also form the majority of high ranking civil servants on operational level in government, are utterly ignorant about the true needs of poor people and human condition in society.

For this reason, most of the times, such privileged lawmakers’ and high ranking civil servants’ policy solutions are ineffective, impractical and irrelevant to the people’s sufferings as is, here and now. This is why we have so many ineffective policy solutions that are stupid and add far more problems the existing ones than solving them.

All this is regardless of what political spectrum such as left, right or centre such privileged policy/lawmakers, political staffers and high ranking civil servants are coming from.

The lack of having pragmatic solutions to the extant problems flows from ignorance, while being delusional and arrogant, and imagining that one knows what the root cause of the problems are. This is why such privileged lawmakers and high ranking civil servants constantly talk policy but leave the human condition out.

We cannot alleviate pain and suffering in society, by constantly talking policy as an intellectual and esoteric exercise, through looking at the data and statistics behind closed doors detached from the people from all walks of life in society.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

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