Friendship in Simple Words

Friendship in Simple Words

As friends we no longer are at a stage of life, that we even need to constantly meet each in person for holidays, regularly hang out, go for coffee or drinks and talk all the times in order to maintain our friendship. Unless there is a need to do so.

But be rest assured of this: hypothetically speaking, if God forbid there is something happening in our world and worlds to come, that we are in need of Noah’s Ark at any given point of time, figuratively speaking, the Ark that has been entrusted in my care would have place for my friends like you and your loved ones – and I am sure that you also have such a compassion, care and generosity as a friend towards your friends.

Many individuals might not know me as a person. Therefore, because of such a sense of mystery, or possibly common flow of shallow pop culture gossips, such crowds might possibly make up all kind of myths and stories about me in their head, that are most convenient to their limited imagination.

Such strangers resort to all such unrealistic approaches in order to develop a sense about who I am as someone who they interact with. However, our friends and loved ones are hardly in need of such cooping mechanisms because they already know who we are. Otherwise, if our friends and loved ones behave similar to that of strangers, then that is an irregularity.

The most important thing that I know is that I am who I am, and I am what I am, and I know myself as fallible man with all my strengths and weaknesses. I have always exactly known who I am and what I am since childhood, without any need to be either a musician, writer, successful or unsuccessful in any professional calling or undertaking. When I say that you are my friend, it is as simple as that.

© Copyright 2016 Joseph L. A.

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