The Lauren Alexander Butterfly guitar will be a unique and extremely valuable instrument….The origins of the project stem from an innocent question posed to a creative mind: could we find a way to recreate the Lauren Alexander Foundation Butterfly logo in a stone inlay? I was toying with the idea of having one inlaid into my guitar. As with most things that have involved Lauren in one way or another, an innocent question led to something much bigger….Thanks to the generous spirit of giving back that inhabit Brian Monty and his wife Erica, not only has the inlay been beautifully crafted out of twenty different-colored recon stone pieces, cut to precision and assembled to exactly duplicate the original logo design, but the idea of building a special edition guitar to highlight our foundation’s initiatives was born. Brian and Erica proposed that if I agreed to help build it, they would donate it to the Foundation so that we could use proceeds from it towards our cause. The Lauren Alexander Butterfly Guitar will be a very Special Edition of the Monty Blues Queen, Brian’s take on the classic semi-hollow body blues guitar. It will have however many special one-of-a-kind features not found on any other Blues Queen. The guitar is being crafted from Bird’s Eye Maple for the body sides, top and back, and it has a solid cedar core block & solid mahogany neck. The fretboard is made from rare ebony from Brian’s collection, and the headstock will be wider than normal, as the guitar will have a beautiful decorative binding and inlays. The 20 piece, 20 color butterfly inlay will replace Brian’s usual fleur de lys inlay on the headstock, and a larger one will adorn the body of the guitar. A trail of inlaid stars in the Lauren Alexander colors will run the length of the fretboard, tracing the moving flight of the butterfly.The guitar’s finish- a secret we will keep until the very last minute- will showcase the light airy feel the guitar will have. The guitar will be dedicated and signed by both its builders, and its serial number will distinguish it from any other Blues Queen.Anyone who knows of Brian Monty’s guitars will know that this will be a player’s guitar of the highest quality with a responsiveness and tone found only on hand made instruments that receive attention to detail unlike any production instrument. We are very fortunate to count Brian amongst our friends, and grateful that he would lend his time and livelihood to our cause. The guitar is already in production, as some previous photos and videos on our facebook site attest. The construction will continue to be documented as the build progresses, in my effort to show how much care and attention goes into the building of a quality instrument.The guitar will be raffled as a very special grand prize at our annual event April 30th 2016. Details on this unique raffle will follow shortly.