Being Busy Is Just Dumb But Not A Social Status

Being Busy Is Just Dumb But Not A Social Status


Being Busy Is Just Dumb But Not A Social Status

In the past, up until 1980s, having free time was the symbol of having a higher social status. Having time meant, that one is from that of aristocracy or nobility, who had free time to focus on enjoying life and appreciating the arts, literature, poetry and country side.

Later, the ideals of middle class lifestyle was sold to the general public, by conveying the message, that consumerism is how the aristocrats and nobility achieve happiness in life.

However, after the 1980s, the concept of being busy became a new symbol for having a higher social status than the average. Such an interpretation of the being busy flows from the notion of time is money.

It means, that one who is busy, is a person of value whose skills and expertise are in high demand. This is how being busy became a new symbol for communicating a higher social status in society, within the context of the modern popular culture.

However, in reality nobody is that busy in life, unless we are talking about the single mothers, single fathers and students from the poor neighbourhood, who have to work two to three jobs in order to support themselves and their families. Then again, such individuals are hardly the ones who would promote or glorify being busy as a social status, because they know the truth to be otherwise.

Most people tend to pretend that they are busy but at work they play on the internet. Just by observing the timelines of the comments and status updates, that are posted online in social media, one could learn about such realities.

Furthermore, in high level management people tend to spend time playing golf, meet for coffee, lunch and dinner to casually discuss business, or are at the gentleman’s clubs pontificating about life and politics.

Of course, it is important to understand that everybody is busy doing something just by mere act of being alive and breathing, like being busy watching a movie. Now the question to ask is: how many human beings make a considerable profit in order to consider being busy as having a higher social status in society?

Among everyone, who I personally know and tells me that he/she is busy, I hardly see any multimillionaire or billionaire around me, do you?

Most wealthy friends of mine, and my friends who are truly experts and busy, have always been able to make time to spend with their families and friends, enjoy life and be there for me as their friend. I have never, ever, ever heared any of such friends of mine saying that they are busy in order to communicate their above average social status.

When someone communicates that “I am busy” in order to show that he/she is the person of value, then such a person highly likely is not that busy to begin with.

However, it is important to understand, that the ER and specialist doctors whose skills are rare in society, as well as the engineers who are flown to job sites around the world, could claim to be busy. Then again, even the U.S. President, the busiest person on the planet with global responsibilities, spends time golfing, enjoying his life and vacationing with his family.

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