Brian Monty Guitar

This is from the last batch of Flying V’s made by the renown Canadian build Brian Monty. This one was built for Steve Segal as an EXACT replica of his genuine 1958 Flying V (serial # 83172). Not only is Segal a well known producer , but was also a member of the Canadian group April Wine which charted several times in the U.S.
This replica has Korina body and neck with Brazilian Rosewood fretboard as do the originals. All the wood is old growth that was cut in the early 1990’s. I don’t now where he found this wood, but it is super lightweight (the guitar weighs 5 lbs. 11 oz.) and beautiful. Included are two copies of letters of authenticity from Mr. Segal written when he first sold it to a Boston area guitarist. The declared value is written at a low amount for a reduced duty when shipping it from Canada to the U.S.
Brian Monty is known for his great guitar making in general, and specifically for his necks and neck joints, in this case reproducing the exact neck joint Gibson used on the original V’s. Even Gibson didn’t manage this feat when they built their own reissues in 1982. The “Monty” logo is now affixed to the headstock, but also included is the Gibson logo that Segal had on it. It now has two gold plated PRS McCarty pickups installed with the original Dead USA Nostalgia and Shredhead pickups that were originally selected by Mr. Segal.
The guitar was used by Mr. Segal on stage for some time and as such it does have some light playing wear (some superficial buckle marks and some wear to the edge of the headstock. It is structurally perfect and plays like a laser.
Brian Monty’s current V’s go for $4K+ new and these older ones from Segal’s ’58 have gone for wildly varying prices as high as $8,000.
It comes with a black Gibson V case with white plush interior.

Korina body and neck
Brazilian Rosewood fretboard
5 lbs. 11 oz.
24 3/4″ scale
1 11/16″ nut width
Gold plated hardware
Kluson style tuners
Pearloid dot fretmarkers
Tune-o-matic bridge
Gibson black V hardshell case with white interior

Product Specs

Very Good
Brian Monty
Flying V replica
Solid Body
ca. early 1990’s