Payment Processing Virtual Terminal Gateways

Payment Processing Virtual Terminal Gateways

eComTechnology Payment Processing

If you want to move forward you have to understand payments!

Are you an internet business in the United States, Canada or banking in Europe, Asia, we can help?

Global gateway virtual terminals for companies that want to process online transactions in real-time anywhere in the world.

The Virtual Terminal supports various payment methods including ACH, credit cards and debit cards.

Mobile API is available for both Apple iOS™ and Android™ devices.

eComTechnology is a registered ISO/MSP for BMO Harris Bank, N.A., Chicago, IL., and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA. 

MasterCard Forecasts Strong Holiday Sales

MasterCard’s Sarah Quinlan says merchants and shoppers are preparing for a surge in holiday spending this year. She says in terms of spending, consumers are willing to pay for goods or services that offer an experience, but in order for merchants to capitalize on this they must provide an in-store experience for shoppers. Consumers “are looking for things that make them feel as though they can see themselves creating a memory, creating an experience,” Quinlan says. Although e-commerce still only represents a small fraction of the overall retail sales, 70 percent of U.S. consumers actually look online either while in the store or before they go shopping, according to Quinlan. She says this makes Web presence critical because it is curating the shopping experience for the client. Many merchants are providing the best of both physical and digital shopping via services that span multiple channels, such as order online and pick up in-store. “Omnishopper means meeting consumers’ needs when and where they want to execute transactions,” Quinlan says. Black Friday is still considered the biggest spending day of the holiday season, but Quinlan notes more retailers are opening up or extending Thanksgiving Day hours.

From “MasterCard Forecasts Strong Holiday Sales” (11/10/15)

Record E-Gift Card Sales Expected for Holidays

Retailers and banks can expect to sell more electronic gift cards than ever this holiday season, according to a survey. The survey found 67 percent of gift cards are available as e-cards, up from 59 percent last year. A Retail Systems Research survey of 100 retailers conducted earlier this year found 82 of the respondent sellers offered an e-card version, up from 80 last year and from 68 in 2013. However, only 8 percent of consumers say they have sent or received a mobile gift card, according to an earlier Bankrate survey. “It’s still a niche market until there’s wider availability of mobile wallets,” says Bankrate analyst Claes Bell. Bankrate also found more issuers attaching security methods to their gift cards so consumers can more easily replace them. This is important because 25 percent of recipients lose their cards while they still have value loaded on them, but most of those “lost” cards are actually cases where people have put the cards aside after using most of their value and then forgotten them. “As people get used to storing cards in digital wallets, there will be fewer lost cards and that will lead to increased shopping and redemptions at retailers, which is what the issuers want,” says Mercator Advisory Group analyst Ben Jackson.

From “With Holidays Nearing, EGift Cards Are Likely to Be More Popular Than Ever” (11/09/15) Stewart, John