Peabody, Harold Sherman

Peabody, Harold Sherman

Harold Sherman Peabody, The Quad 1941
Harold Sherman Peabody, The Quad 1941. Photo courtesy Bishop’s University Archives.

Flying Officer, No. 622 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force

Service no. J/22396
Born November 28, 1920
Died July 29, 1944

Son of Harold Albert and Helen E. Wray Peabody, of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Killed in action.

Played on the Junior Hockey team in 1939; played for the team again in 1941 (The Quad, 1939, p.55; 1941, p.53)

Golf Champion in 1941 (The Quad, 1941, p.57)

From The Mitre (October 1938, p.19):

Born in the Puritan city of Boston on the 28th day of November, 1920, attended Sherbrooke High School, where he played football, hockey and golf. He apparently has no main interests or intentions when he graduates, but hockey and golf should keep him occupied until he has a B. Sc. tucked away under his arm.

Harold S. Peabody and Officers

Photo courtesy Veterans Affairs Canada

Harold (pictured above, center) was flying with fellow Officers R.L. Fiddick (left) and J.H. “Harry” Doe (right) when their Lancaster Bomber crashed in eastern France in July 1944. The crash came after a bombing run in Stuttgart; three flight sergeants were killed upon impact. While Fiddick evaded capture, Peabody and Doe were turned over to the Germans the following day and were never seen again. Harold is listed with other missing Commonwealth airmen at the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey. (Veterans Affairs Canada)