Follow-up: The Sport and Education Pathway.

White Circus - Weiß Zirkus - Cirque Blanc


My post of August 4th resulted in feedback that prompted further reflection. It appears I was not clear about who finances an action plan for sport and education.

As the purpose of my posts are to prompt discussion and reflection, I would like to take a few weeks to write a response. At present, I’m in New Zealand with primary focus as management support in preparation for the ANC races which get underway shortly. These events will take priority for the next two weeks and I’ll use plane travel to work through the various (very good) questions raised.

I was raised in a household that placed a high value on education. Even in my pre-ski team days, the influence of athletes such as Bobby Cochran and Otto Tshudi, or later after retiring from the Ski Team from athletes such as Scott Hutcheson, Kathy Kriener and many others was enormous –…

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