EMF Refugee

EMF Refugee

What is an EMF Refugee?

It is one of the many thousands of people around the world who are seeking places to live that are free of man-made microwave radiation and electrical pollution. Many have had to give up their career, home, school, community and family in order to find a safe place to exist in our modern world that is now filled with EMF pollution.

Most of us think of refugees as people of the third world escaping famine, drought, war and political oppression. However, there is a growing amount of refugees’ right here, right now, in the wealthiest countries in the world. They are people who have become sensitized to the very commodity that our modern world runs on – the microwave radiation that powers our wireless digital technology economy.

Throughout the developed world, ex-accountants, medical doctors, attorneys, school teachers, computer programmers and CEO’s are seeking wilderness areas, farms, far-off communities, caves, remote beaches, secluded valleys, basement apartments and radio-free white zones where they can live without pain. Places where they can sleep and wake without the common EHS symptoms of headaches, heart palpitations and extreme fatigue. These electro-hypersensitive (EHS) individuals are the canaries in the global coal mine of wireless technology and electrical pollution. Will we begin to recognize the message they are conveying?

This short film “Searching for a Golden Cage” shows to what length EMF refugees will go to find a safe place to live:

Why haven’t you heard about EMF Refugees?

There are a few reasons:

First, once someone becomes severely EHS, they cannot be on a computer or “smart” phone. In our social media obsessed culture – this is like dropping off the map. Thus, someone who was once active with email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs or weekly cell phone calls may essentially have to drop all communication. Most people will think their Facebook friend is being distant and unfriendly. However, in reality they are trying to heal in nature. Some EMF Refugees can recover over time, but many others spend the rest of their lives outside of society.

Second, the percentage of severely affected people is currently low – less than 1% of the population. So, the odds of one of your close friends or family members being an EMF refugee are not high (at least for now). However, 3-5% of people are moderately affected and another 25%-30% are being sickened by microwave radiation and electrical pollution, but many have not yet connected the dots. With the amount of EMF pollution in our lives growing exponentially every day, many more people will be affected in the near future. We are at the very beginning of what could be the health crisis of the 21st century. There is no telling who will be affected. A close friend or family member could be next. It could even be you.

Third, although some intrepid reporters have begun to cover the growing number of EMF refugees, the huge national media conglomerates often do not touch the subject (out of sight, out of mind). This is likely because of the enormous economic implications of this growing social justice issue. If they have reported on EHS, it has been in a way that incorrectly paints EHS as a psychiatric condition. There are always going to be psychiatrists or  even physicists (with industry ties) to interview that will say EHS is a psychosomatic or nocebo-effect reaction to a perceived threat. However, if one asks a biologist or medical doctor who has studied this issue, you can learn that there aremeasurable physical and genetic biomarkers that show EHS is real and a clear and present danger for society.

The following video is one such news story from CBS NYC. Note how the woman of European descent being interviewed (Suzanne Hoyt) appears much more believable than the psychiatrist (Dr. William Barr) who appears absolutely convinced that 100% of the people on this page are having a psychosomatic / Nocebo reaction.

Canaries in a Coal Mine?

EMF Refugees are the canaries of our time. Just as miners would take canaries down a coal mine to alert them of dangerous gases, electro-sensitive people are alerting society to the profound health consequences of our collective addiction to wireless technology. We should welcome their message and thank them for showing us something that would otherwise harm the entire society over the long-term. What EMF Refugees have is not contagious, but if you rely heavily on wireless technology, live next to a cell phone toweror have a smart meter next to your bedroom, EHS could affect you or a family member at any time. From that point forward, your life may change in ways you cannot currently fathom.

There are many steps you can take to make sure that you do not become an EMF Refugee. And if you know someone who is starting to get headaches from their cell phone, Wi-Fi, computer, smart meter or local cell phone tower, share these treatment options with them. The more you learn about this potent toxin and its impacts, the more you will help the growing number of EMF Refugees in our society.

The following are stories about EMF Refugees that have made it into the press. There are likely tens of thousands of additional stories that will never be told. At the bottom of this page, there is a guide to the potential areas around the world that may be suitable for those seeking EMF asylum.

This news story eloquently describes what EMF refugees are experiencing: